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Data Capture Services – DNN Technologies

Companies that are advocated for being “best-in-class” or gaining better “customer retention” are due to their decision based on data. Data is constantly growing and bringing value. Your business would likely be riding the wave and accumulating a lot of opportunities. All you need is Data Entry Services in Charlotte, NC.


DNN Technologies understands the importance of quality in data entry and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service that complies with clients’ needs. We highly focus on data accuracy, robust security measures, scalability, and industry-specific expertise. We churn, sift, and streamline the data entry process. This data meets the utmost precision and efficiency, so you can bring lots more to the table. 

Data Capture Services – DNN Technologies

DNN Technologies Data Entry Services Charlotte

Online Data Capture

We access software and handle all online entry tasks, whether from EHRs, databases, catalogues, or other sources. Your sensitive data remains secure, and we meet your requirements safely and securely.


Offline Data Entry

You can send us documents or electronic data, and we would enter the information in the database as per your specification. The churned and sifted data would be handed back to you in the format you desire.


Catalogue Data Entry

Our experts extract and enter product data from different websites or catalogues and capture nuanced details, including prices, descriptions, information, attributes, and more.


Document Data entry

From various industries, we efficiently streamline data from various documents with our state-of-the-art advanced tech and expertise. You would be getting accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.


Legal Data Entry


Legal documents have lost information. We will add data from case files, court papers, business documents, employment documents, and more to your databases or preferred formats.


Data from Survey


Our precise and effective data entry solutions are for surveys, such as satisfaction surveys, product/service surveys, public opinion polls, consumer research, market research, and much more.


Data Process


Our dependable data processing services enable the conversion of unprocessed information into machine-readable and useful forms.


Why Choose Us? 

  • DNN Technologies combines state-of-the-art facilities with highly qualified personnel to ensure our clients receive the finest speed, accuracy, and security.
  • We are an established name of high-quality, cost-effective IT and Back Office Support services to customers worldwide.
  • Our management staff is dedicated to efficiency at all levels, resulting in competitive pricing for all industries. 
  • We undertake storing, cleaning, recording and Data entry services. 
  • Our team contributes to meeting the requirements of almost any data or resource-intensive project.
  • We focus on quality over quantity. When you outsource data entry services to Charlotte with us, you are sure to get clean, uncluttered, and valuable data every time. 
  • We don’t work on freelancing models. All the operators are well-versed and have been with us for a couple of years. 
  • Quality doesn’t have to pay exuberant rates. Whether you are a small business or a huge one, with our Data Entry Services you would attain complete peace of mind and at competitive pricing. 
  • We don’t beat behind the busy, instead we would give you real-time updates of all your progress and keep you in loop. 
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